Crickle ‘Eco Residential & Commercial Property Maintenance and Improvement Services’ are different in the sense that we do the jobs that make your home or business really function for you. Our focus is on providing a broad range of property interior & exterior solutions where we specialise in general repairs, renovations, insurance claims, maintenance and improvements for home owners, rental properties, commercial offices, industrial premises, schools, hospitals and residential care homes. You’ll find that we are the team to do the jobs that most tradesmen see as being an unproductive use of their time. (See our list of services offered). To us, we value all jobs small or large equally, and welcome all repairs, maintenance and any ‘Do It Your Way’ projects as trade challenges.


We are a property maintenance company located in London & Essex that takes care of all your interior and exterior maintenance, repairs, renovation and improvement needs. There is no job too small or too big and as always, we provide quality home improvement services on your budget and on your timeline. Our focus is to provide you with cost effective solutions to a broad range of maintenance issues whilst specialising in general repairs, maintenance & improvements, renovations and insurance claims for home owners, commercial offices, landlords, rental properties, government buildings and industrial premises.


Our highly qualified team of professional handymen and contractors have the knowledge and skills to tackle nearly any commercial or residential maintenance task. We have many years of experience in maintaining residential & commercial properties, so whether you need a professional to fix your company’s leaky roof or an expert to repair your home’s plumbing, then our professionals at Crickle Eco are your one-stop-shop to provide you with top-quality property repair maintenance services. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to get your home or business project realised or you have small jobs that need to be done your way. It maybe that you just need your property managed personally without worry or need your interior space designed to provide storage & space. If so, then call us and let Crickle Eco find that solution for all your property needs. As ‘Men of Skill’, big projects or little fixes are never too small as we can do it all – Just call!





Our Main Services

Eco Handyman Services

We carry out all forms of general handyman services for all those types of jobs you need doing inside and outside the home.

New Build Property (Space & Storage Solutions)

We believe that new build apartments and multi unit developments provide a great place to live and with the limited living space and storage within these properties, we provide unique handyman solutions to maximise your home environment..

Fairer Hands (Handyman Services for Women)

Our handyman service is specifically tailored for women who require certain jobs/repairs tailored to their needs.

Crickle Cleaning Services

We offer our clients either a 'One Off Stand-Alone’ cleaning service for short-term rental properties or regular friendly green ethical cleaning services for homes, schools & small offices around London and parts of Essex.

Property Maintenance Services – for Landlords

Our property maintenance team and trusted network of reputable tradesmen will ensure that all your building maintenance and repairs, whatever size, will be completed professionally and economically.

Airbnb Property Management

Crickle Eco specializes in short term & Airbnb property rentals and preparation for new tenants. If you have a project that you need assistance with please give us a call or text.

Interior Design, Staging & Consulting Services

Crickle Eco specializes in short term & Airbnb property rentals and preparation for new tenants. If you have a project that you need assistance with please give us a call or text.

Illuminated Address Numbers

Make your home visible with our Night & Day/Super Bright illuminated LED address numbers.

For The Home

Illuminated Address Numbers

Our Night & Day/Super Bright illuminated LED address numbers are clearly visible by night or day and are fantastic for ensuring your house stands out in your street. They also allow your home to be easily found by both emergency and delivery personnel.


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