As property owners ourselves, we found that when friends or family needed to get projects done around their homes it was difficult for workmen to visualise their ideas and to bring them to life.  Often, wives, female friends or even the elderly home owners we knew, wanted a specific simple job or small project carried out on their home based on their vision or requirements and many workmen were quick to say they were too busy or would ‘build up’ the job to include other works in order for them to make it worthwhile to take on the job/project.  Also, it was hard to get workmen to come and give a quote on little jobs and even harder to get someone to just return calls or show up on the days they said they would turn up.  When eventually they did get a quote, the cost was always a shock for large projects and for smaller jobs, forget about it!  No one wanted to do the small jobs. 


As we have backgrounds in various wood construction and the trade industry, we started doing our own jobs and building up our skills. We saw an opportunity to provide a much-needed service to people just like us, who required varying types of home fixes & repairs, space saving solutions and interior design work done to their specifications, in a timely manner using new or recycled materials and done at a reasonable cost - even the small jobs. 


Our motto is: Let’s get your interior & exterior jobs, repairs & projects done your way, right now!  We'll ensure the job gets done right your way the first time, every time. We'll work side by side with you every step of the way until you are 100% satisfied, making changes and keeping you involved in your project, without the worry of tackling it yourself. 

Our Philosophy‘Quality work at a fair price’.





Eco Handyman Services

We carry out all forms of general handyman services for all those types of jobs you need doing inside and outside the home.

New Build Property (Interior/Exterior Space & Storage Solutions)

We can help you maximise your limited living & storage space that is often found within New Build properties.

Fairer Hands – (Handyman Services For Women) 

Our handyman service is specifically tailored for women who require certain jobs/repairs tailored to their needs.

Property Management & Maintenance Services – Homes/Schools

We believe that new build apartments and multi unit developments provide a great place to live and with the limited space and storage within these properties, we provide unique handyman solutions to maximise your home environment.

Rental Property Management & Maintenance

Krickle Eco specializes in short term & Airbnb property rentals and preparation for new tenants. If you have a project that you need assistance with please give us a call or text.

Interior Design & Staging Consulting Services

We are able to interior design, stage or source furniture to make the best use of your interior space. Please consult us on the wide services we offer to home owners, schools and universities.