Glass Artistry, Partitions & Interior Walls

Stained Glass Artistry & Glass Partitions.

At Crickle Eco we have access to a talented pool of artist and professionals who are fully committed to providing high-quality professionally crafted stained glass for individuals of all income levels.

The artists that work and partner with Crickle Eco, work in small independent studios in the UK (Not Overseas nor in factories) and each piece of stained glass that is individually created by our artist is shipped directly from their studio to your home. Customers who wish to commission a specially made custom piece made of stained glass should call us for an appointment.

Our talented Craftspeople, Designers, Artisans, Makers & Creators (We call them all "Artists.") will design and create the artwork you need in order to provide you with an elegant professionally-crafted stained glass window or custom made piece for either your home, school, hotel, restaurant, church, hospital or for any other establishment requesting high-quality stained glass windows or commissioned pieces of glass artistry.

With many years of making custom one-off stained glass windows, our professional artists are industry leaders for quality, and have streamlined their processes for making custom stained glass to offer our customers fast production lead times.

Glass Partitions & Interior Walls (Home, Office & Retail)

Crickle Eco work with many quality suppliers of glass partitions & interior walls for either your home, office or retail business. We can provide you with fast, easy affordable good looking glass partitions or interior walls that are removable, changeable and green to suit your personal and business needs.

Our walls can be custom manufactured with a variety of styles, colours, options and heights to suit almost any application, whether you need to use our walls for an office or to divide off the construction site in an airport, they are the perfect solution for virtually any application.

The look of glass gives an open appeal to any area and using our glass partitions creates a great way to section off the inside of your office or warehouse, providing a nice-looking and well-monitored work environment.

Our walls can also be used to isolate visitors, departments, or other traffic from disrupting your efficient workforce whether you use them outside of a lunch room, in a museum, or even to divert foot traffic in airport security.

You’ll find there are so many uses for our glass partitions. For a free quote, please contact our design staff to help you with the look and feel you desire.


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