Interior Design, Staging & Consulting Services

Crickle’s Stage & Design process involves planning and carrying out all the necessary improvement work to ensure the right pieces of furniture will best suit our clients design space, either using their existing furniture or we source and use known quality furniture & furnishing suppliers (depending on budget) to enable us to give you the home design you require to impress others and, ultimately, boost the value and appeal of your property investment should you wish to sell in the future.

We have worked on various new build projects and have interior designed both residential and commercial properties for over 15 years.

Before starting the stage or design process on properties (especially new build) we often carry out a ‘Snagging’ home check before hand in order to make our clients aware of any potential development build faults on the property. In doing so, we have found that clients have welcomed these checks as certain key snags highlighted would never have been picked up by an untrained professional.

As a small firm we can ensure that your project receives the individual attention you are looking for, plus, we are able to call upon a wider team of specialist (Architects, contractors, structural engineers) if required and have taken on projects involving varying levels of complexity, with ease and confidence.

Once contracted by clients for staging or interior design services, we begin with a visit to your home or the development site of the new build to discuss your brief in detail.

We will establish how you will be using the space, how long the space will be used for, what you hope to gain through commissioning the work and discuss your budget and timescale for completion.

We will also (dependent upon budget) carry out a home survey of the property and draw up options for the scheme, identify and observe how the existing space will be used in order to understand how design elements will function, such as lighting and electrics and provide sketches or visuals to communicate initial ideas and concepts for your approval.

Once a plan has been agreed we will assemble our interior design & project management team to start the work and will lead your project from beginning to completion, providing the technical and design skills to create the results you require.

Crickle Eco Home Improvement & Management Services